Blanket Utility Patent Filed 6/1/2019

Kaneh’s products are patent pending, with a Blanket Provisional Utility Patent, filed 06/2018.  CN3 is one formulary and there are many others which will also be submitted, effectively locking up the hemp seed oil category.

Intellectual property encompasses hempseed oil for beneficial health uses; whether internally digested, inhaled, or topically on the skin as a dermatologic product or in animal care products.

Blanket Utility Patent Filed

June 1, 2019

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Legal: Dale Hunt

Plant and Planet, San Diego CA

Dale’s career began with 12 years of university studies and 3 degrees in plant science before he attended law school.  This was followed by long, deep dives as a patent lawyer into technologies as diverse as water purification, cancer immunology, and alternative energies, while also gaining expertise in commercialization of plant varieties and other technologies all over the world.  More recently, Dale was recruited into the Cannabis industry – first as a policy advisor and then as legal counsel for plant breeders and start-up companies.


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