Our External Use Products

Wide Range Of Products Available for Wholesale Purchase

KANEH supplies quality products for both your and your pets health use ranging from beauty products to health supplements, no matter what you may be looking for to add to your product line.  Our products are cannabinoid free and can be sold in any account type.   We work hard to ensure that the products we supply are top notch quality. Our prices are unmatched. Have another idea for CN3 use? Contact us, and we’ll do our best to produce.



Tattoo Care

InkTegrity ensures your ink will always look fresh, whether it is brand new or decades old.
Used immediately following tattoo application it speeds healing, prevents infection and moisturizes skin.


First Aid Care

SensiCured product line features Cannabis seed oil along with Colloidal Silver for unmatched healing properties

Medicinal Momma

For Babies and Mommas

Medicinal Momma features safe and effective all natural cannabis based products. 


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