If You Think Fish Oil Is The Best Way To Get Your Omegas, Think Again...

While cannabis prohibition is making strides to be reversed and derivatives are booming, the biodiversity of the plant is just being explored. With a plethora of cannabis and hemp products on the shelf from full spectrum, to isolate and disallate, and specific formulations; there's a lot to choose from. With the advancement of extraction technologies new data is being discovered and formulation processes are being refined at an extremely fast pace.

The latest craze to hit the marketplace is CBD products. They come touting many health benefits and seem to be widely available online and in stores. It’s no wonder that with such a saturation of CBD products the consumer has become overwhelmed at what does what, and what type is best for them and their conditions. Let’s take a look at the current market as it stands in context of cannabis and hemp health products.

It seems nowadays just about anywhere you go you are hearing something about CBD or THC, and now even a little about CBN and CBG. Yes the current cannabis and hemp market can meet many of the consumers demands already, we have barely begun exploring the limitless health products that can be created by this green plant. There are some new concerns over the quality and efficacy of standard isolates and disolates; and their effectiveness within the body to treat ailments and overall health.

When considering ingesting a product most can agree the less processed and more natural it is, the better it is. Currently available products don’t always disclose the methods used to get it to its final state and consumers aren’t yet asking the critical questions. The cannabis and hemp consumer is under the assumption that either full-spectrum products or isolated cannabinoids are the most effective at restoring the balance in the body’s own endocannabinoid system. This belief has created a plethora of formulations in both industries and yet more confusion among consumers.

Kaneh is using innovative extraction processes to create a new category in the industry. Because omegas convert to cannabinoids in the body, the need for converted cannabinoids is not as necessary as the consumer currently thinks they are. Cannabis seed oil is naturally devoid of cannabinoids, and is comprised instead of all 20 amino acids as well as the ever important Omegas. CN3 is a cannabis-derived nutritional product by Kaneh, comprised using the omegas and amino acids found naturally within the  cannabis seed instead of commonly used stem, flower and stalk (bio-mass).

Omega-3 is the active ingredient in the main CN3 formula, working to benefit health by managing inflammation and minimizing resulting negative health effects. A complex yet simple process takes place when CN3 interacts with the body’s own endocannabinoid systems. Omega-3 binds to both the CB1 & CB2 receptor, found in the immune system and science shows it to be responsible for anti-inflammatory effects. Omega-6 binds with the CB1 receptor, which is found primarily brain tissues and lowers anxiety and stress.

Omega 3 is non-competitive with THC on the CB1 receptor making it ideal for pain management and addiction patients where CBD IS competitive.  Omega 3 also decreases tolerance to THC as well, which can be extraordinarily helpful in medicating.

As a 100% cannabis formula, CN3 is vegan, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic naturally void of regulatory restrictive cannabinoids. It is Patent Pending and GRAS Approved (Generally Regarded as Safe). A variety of compositions are available, as CN3 can either be used within products or as a stand-alone.

Kaneh’s products are patent pending, with a pending Blanket Utility Patent, filed 06/2019.

CN3 is the primary formulary targeting inflammation, however there are a host of other uses which are also encompassed in patent claims; 440 to be exact.

Formulas are created using extracted hempseed oil, purified and titrating removal of omega 6 and cannabinoids to, effectively lock up the hemp seed oil category.

Mimi Johnson is the inventor of CN3 and the sole owner and founder of Kaneh. Johnson began her career in the wine and spirits industry, working for some of the largest global brands on brand and sales aspects specializing in innovation, experiential marketing and sales & distribution managing teams of 150+ employees and an entire country territory. Mimi spent some time as a sales director at Coca-Cola before finally to Aetna on the Community Relations and Urban Marketing team managing the MidAmerica Region and relationships with key stakeholders before discovering CN3 in 2018.  Her inspiration for the product came when she struggled with her own health issues and found that disappointingly, there was nothing available for patients treating inflammation without causing a host of other, sometimes more serious illnesses.

The market is prime for Cn3, as $1 in every $5 spent on pharmaceuticals is actually spent on an anti-inflammatory medication.

-Natasha Winkler

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