You’ve worked hard to build your product and brand; invested time, money, sweat and tears.

The Legal landscape of cannabis is changing and doing so more rapidly then many can keep up with.

First we saw issues with overall legalization, then the Farm Bill and finally the USFDA before we will even begin to get a look at the issues federal legalization will bring.

Federal vs state legalization, (which is inevitably right around the corner) will introduce a host of new problems regarding Intellectual property.  

Those cannabinoid patents everyone spoke about a few years back will begin to be enforced, and many brands operating with CBD in the Medical Marijuana landscape will likely find themselves in a bind as cannabinoids for various medical uses are currently under active patents by multiple parties.

When we begin to see that enforcement, we will start to see many brands hit with cease and desist orders making survival even more difficult in the new terrain.

Why wait for that IP enforcement to come down the pipes when you can be proactive with your brand and its ability to thrive?

Using Cn3 Cannabis Omegas in your product formulations in place of Cannabinoids has these benefits:

  • Fully legal and unrestricted cannabis derived medicinal composition

  • Patent pending- 20 years

  • Cn3 converts to cannabinoids within the body, eliminating the need for cannabinoid extractions

  • Cn3 fulfills the FDA recommended dose of ALA

  • Cn3 is non-competitive with THC on the CB receptors, and actually decreases tolerance to THC

  • CN3 is active on both the CB1 & CB2 receptor, compared to CBD which generally binds with CB2

  • Vegan, non-allergenic, non-comedogenic

  • FDA approved ingredients which are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)

  • Unrestricted for interstate commerce 

  • No forfeiture of Second Amendment rights to medicate with Cn3

  • Omega 3 is very well researched for ameliorating health across many ailments 

Cn3 is available for use via licensing agreements for incorporating into your existing cbd products in place of the cannabinoids, as well as a stand alone & single serving size product.


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